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Anureet Kaur

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Hello there! I love writing! Writing is a way I can express myself. All of my articles are on random topics but their motive is to make sure they bring change. I hope you like them. Happy reading!

Now you’d think like what on the earth is written up, but if you give it a closer look then you’ll realize that I ‘m not actually wrong.

Okay so to begin with approximately what is the percentage of jobless people in India? How much talent of people in medicine goes waste every year?

So, let’s see. This pollution in the air, not everywhere, what does it cause?
If you guessed Diseases and fatal illnesses then you are right. Absolutely right. And after we all are sick we all end up in the beautiful corners of the hospital walls, don’t we?

It creates the need for more qualified doctors, nurses and compounders. We also need more hospitals (naturally) which employs more builders, property dealers, engineers and more labor

Pollution causes deaths of people, and sometimes of those who we love the most. Sad state when someone dies close to the heart but that really doesn’t stop us from messing out, because that decreases the population. Right?

Now in the end I would like to conclude with a pledge. Let’s decide that we’ll never stop polluting because now we all know that it increases employment, economy and decreases the population, which all are beneficial to mankind. Nature doesn’t give us mansions and so we won’t give a penny to it.