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The Need of Global Outlook

The Need of Global Outlook

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Mr. Vijay Markandewar

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Birds with no weapons,

but have to 

fight against this dangerous predator.

as there is no alternative.

Calculated risk, for next progeny in dormancy.

All around, are the thorns and spines; 

Selection could be of safety concern only!!

Snake is taking risk for food though its trail goes through thorns and spines and against gravity too!!

This is a struggle for existence among heterogeneous species!!

and takes place in the same species lower than human beings!!

In human beings too, it is 


being an intellectual creature,

expectation is, here it should not be!!!


HERE in creatures WE can understand struggle is for food and protection.

But we human beings

being similar and intellectual too,

some traits of animal nature

remain imprinted as evolution reflects that we originated from them


We as human beings , being at the top in evolutionary ladder

even in 21 st century too failing to know that we are not fighting for survival not

for food or protection

but fighting for 


dominance of religion ,

without caring 

for how it is going to help the survival of all.

And if anyone is planning for removal of others, 

then, what is the use of 

being empowered 


wisdom and super intellect

May be repenting later but WE,


in a preamble sort of statement 


that they are committed to see that 

peace and humanity 

are to be given 


looking in to the earlier experiences


four major wars of the last century.