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How did Pandit Jasraj change the face of Indian Classical Music?

Pandit Jasraj was a legendary classical singer who belonged to the Mewati gharana. His legacy of 75 years includes memorable renditions of Hindustani classical and semi-classical vocal music, classical and devotional music, album and film music, innovations in various genres


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Do you really think that great people are great because they are great?
Yes they are, but the real credit goes to the great work that they do with great passion! 

You must have seen Pandit Jasraj receiving the greatest of awards for his vocal singing, but did you know that he started as a Table accompaniment and having been only average at it, he shifted to singing. "I was 14 when I faced a humiliating incident which I could not withstand. On Janmashtami, I told my elder brother that I won't play tabla henceforth," Jasraj told reporters. "The next day, my elder brother started teaching classical singing," He did his first Vocal concert only at the age of 22, though he had started playing Tabla at a very young age. 

Carrying a great legacy, Pandit ji never refrained from change. He always said, “Change is life...Classical music has moved along with the times.” He also believed, “I believe our classical heritage is rich in nature and our roots are strong enough to keep our children connected with our music. The present generation is extremely talented and creative and with this fusion music gains popularity which may work in future. Change is obvious. When there is a change, that means it is alive.”

Pandit Jasraj is known in his field not just for his voice, presentation of rare ragas and unique bandishes, but also for his innovations. He devised a new jugalbandi style where male and female singers sing different ragas at the same time. “I had first presented this male-female jugalbandhi in Pune. When my friend Meena Phalnikar heard it, she said yeh jasraj ke rang mein rangi hui jugalbandhi hai, and termed it jasrangi.”


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