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Five Disney movies that are based on historical events.

Disney films are often based on old folktales, but not all of them have been modified from sources like the Brothers Grimm; some of them are actually based on actual historical persons and events.


Historical Fiction


We all love to watch Disney movies with our family. They make our hearts feel so overwhelmed that we sometimes forget that we are outside the movie. The characters, the music, the dialogues, everything seems perfectly curated in these films. But have you wondered how the makers come up with such interesting plots? Well, some of these movies are based on some ancient mythological tales. Keep reading to find out, what they are:

  • Snow White
    The origin of the Snow White tale is not entirely discovered. But there are assumptions of the tale emerging in the 16th Century. There was a german countess by the name of Margarete von Waldeck. She was the most beautiful countess of the time. She fell in love with a prince and was not allowed to marry him. Her father owned mines where a lot of the workers had stunted growth (from where the concept of seven dwarfs came). However, she mysteriously died at the age of 21. It was suspected that her step-mother had poisoned her in disapproval of her marriage with the prince.

  • Cinderella
    The tale of Cinderella has a lot of different versions all around the world. However a chinese version goes like this: The woman was named Ye Xian, whose prosperous father died and left her at the mercy of a cruel step-mother. Oneday Ye Xian finds a magical fish which her step-mother had killed. She feels sorry for the fish and buries it without knowing it was magical. And when the day of the party comes, her wish gets fulfilled by the magical powers of the fish. The rest of the story, you know pretty well!

  • Moana
    Another brilliant movie by the Disney production, Moana. The plot has been taken from the Polynesian legend found in the collection of tales called “The Maui Myths”. It is a tale based on the Maori natives of the Tolago (Now, Tolaga) Bay, North Island, New Zealand. Unlike the movie, the character of Maui had four brothers and a prolonged history of his life in the legends.

  • Mulan
    Mulan is another successful movie by Disney. The film is based on Chinese historical events. There was a young woman disguised as a man to fight for her family in the battle against Hun Army. It is a chinese folklore ballad that records the tale of bravery, and inspiration.

  • Pocahontas
    The story of Pocahontas comes from the history of colonisation. It is set in the time when the British colonists reached America and started the work of civilizing Native Americans. It depicts the harsh truth of how the colonizers overpower the native americans and meddle with their system of life. However, Disney makes a brilliant tale out of it, for us to enjoy on our free days. 

Do you know any other origin stories of Disney movies. 


The Ouija boards that we watch in the horror movies were not created to seek demons. Ouija Boards were originally created for spiritual purposes to receive optimistic views about the future.




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