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Who were the most fearful real-life pirates?

Contrary to what you may have been taught to believe by some cartoons and amusement park rides, pirates were not always a pleasant lot. Pirates were actually a real threat to the people availing sea routes.


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Who were the most fearful real-life pirates?

We all love captain Jack Sparrow and his (mis)adventures in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. But in real life, pirates were a real threat to the people availing sea routes. They would capture a part of the waterbody and wait for passenger ships to enter their territories. And as soon as any victim pointed out, they would loot such ships and fill up their treasure boxes. Some pirates were so fearful, that they have made a prominent name in the pages of history. Keep reading to find who they were?

  • Sir Francis Drake
    Queen Elizabeth I named him “my pirate”. Sir Francis Drake was a licensed pirate appointed by the British Government to attack Spanish ships. Within the year 1577 to 1580, Drake made a voyage all around the world and raided several Spanish decks and captured a Spanish vessel loaded with Treasure. Upon his return to England, the Queen immediately offered him the title of Knighthood.

  • Anne Bonny
    Anne Bonny was a fierce female pirate who roved the Caribbean. As a child she was dressed as a boy because her family was ashamed of her gender. Later she moved to America and married a sailor. Legend goes like this, she and her husband journeyed to the New Providence of Bahamas. It was an island infested with pirates. There she teamed up with Calico Jack Rackman and started working as his crew. She was very fast to learn how to wield a pistol and was one of the best pirates in Calico’s crew. 

  • The Barbossa Brothers
    The tale of these two brothers starts from North Africa’s Barbary Coast. The two brothers Aruj and Hizir used to attack European vessels in the Mediterranean Sea. Their work was so lucrative that by 1516 the Ottoman Sultan had made Aruj the in-charge of the entire Barbary Coast. Two years later, the post was taken up by Hizir after the death of Aruj in a battle. 

  • Grace O’Malley
    Pirate Grace O’Malley was a woman who defied all the rules of the society that existed in the 16th Century. She was a one woman leader leading a 20-ship fleet and attacked the British Monarchy. She was such a woman that one time, during one of her escapades, she single handedly fought the enemy a day after giving birth. Legend has it that she and her ships were once captured by Queen Elizabeth I. She was 63-years old then. She pleaded with the queen to release her son and her ships and let her retire in peace. But once she was released she and her son went back to the old piracy business until she died in 1603.

  • Blackbeard
    Edward Teach, also known as the famous pirate Blackbeard, was a major part of the so-called “Golden Age of Piracy”. He had a long coiling, braided beard and he hid single pistols and weapons in his chest. Legend has it that Blackbeard was such a strong man, that it took 20 stab wounds and 5 gunshots to kill him in a battle. He and his crew majorly attacked the French vessels.  So, What do you think about pirates now? Curious about pirates? Plan Your Next Trip to a Pirate Cemetery.


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