~ Be Better ~

“Am I This?”

So, last time, I helped you make a blueprint of your current life and I gave you the choice to take it further. But do you ever wonder that when we say ‘I am _______’, we are not only forcing upon ourselves a particular identity but also limiting ourselves with certain tags. To take a step ahead, we can try saying ‘I have developed ___________’. It may be a little difficult to fill in this black with a single word but that’s not really what we are concerned about. I feel, this helps us in three ways:


1. In terms of positive attributes, having developed does not enforce any kind of egotistic connotation. It is rather a humble way of saying that after putting in some efforts, I have developed some particular good habit or a positive attribute.

2. In terms of negative attributes, having developed gives us the optimism to make a transformation. It becomes a form of self-confession rather than self-criticism. So it gives us the required push to undo the negative habit developed and replace it with a positive one.

3. Overall, the ‘I have developed ________’ attitude gives us theconfidence of having done something and on the other end leaves us open to make a change wherever necessary. Tell me what you have developed and what do you think about this. Write to me at write@theschoolsocial.in and let’s talk about it.