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Published on July 1, 2019

When you willfully throw your conscience in a dustbin
Then realize you are being controlled from within
By anger, a dangerous and scary puppeteer
The thing which controls your brain and its fears
Once it takes you under its captivity
It makes you do things, which are really crappy
And which is really really so bad
That it will make you feel as if you are mad
It gets its vital and dangerous nourishment
From your negativity, present in your brain's basement
If it got hold of that, then don't be confused
As to why you treated someone like a refuse
Anger enjoys making you always forget
To use your conscience, to solve, and forget
The problems and fights, for which we usually
Embrace anger casually and unconsciously
It enjoys getting us altogether drunk in
The unforgettable potion of shouting and then, regretting
But it doesn't know, that there is something
Called Experiences, which keeps on teaching
That there is no everlasting satisfaction and enjoyment
In taking away someone's dignity and happiness
And in making someone feel so dejected
That they will never forgive you, leave alone forget
So, instead of dipping in the sea of red havoc
It is better that you retain consciousness and block
Your futile anger, because it will take you nowhere
Other than to the ocean of guilt, disgust, and regret."

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Kazi Fernaaz Feroze, 17, St.George's School, New Delhi. Born in Kolkata, I shifted to Delhi in 2005 as my father got transferred. You see, when I get emotionally overwhelmed, poetic ideas fill up my mind, and then I begin to have this urge to jot it down. So in this way, I write poems. Now I am in class 12. My hobbies are: writing poems, drawing, singing, all alone, and most important of all, checking out new English and Hindi songs.

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