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Published on August 12, 2019
Author:Sreelata Menon

Her brilliance was fading. She was numbed to the core
As it dawned on her-
Her only asset now, Was void and eternal pain.
With her cold eyes, The fire of her hopes
Went gelid. She would cry her life;
And laugh her death. Lucifer robbed her
Of her-self, her dreams, her soul… Claimed something which was not his.
Was she meant to be just a rag doll? And that single moment…
Shattered her world. Her life was obscure.
Not a million candles could light it up. Sobs intoxicated her;
Devoured her very self. Monsters from the dark
Haunted her. She had nightmares,
She howled in her sleep…
Yearning for help But the irony of her life was that
She was alone in this world FOR THE CRUELEST EYES TO SEE….

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A creative imagination of student appeared in form of beautiful and meaningful poem