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By Zariyaaa
Zariyaaa believes in shattering stigmas all over and also advocates for teacher and parent well being programs.

Published on:17-10-2019

It possibly starts at the age of 3 when our parents tell us about the existence of something that we instantly fear, “Bhoot”. Perhaps it’s the idea of someone being more powerful and stronger than us that is extremely overwhelming. But as we grow this fear expands and takes a lot many shapes than just an ugly looking monster and that’s where things get out of hand because these fears are not tangible they are deeply rooted incidences that were once left unresolved.

‘Fear’ may have different definitions for all of us but usually end up having similar impacts in the form of blanking out, freezing on stage, distress, sadness and panic. As much as one may think that avoidance is the best option, it never really works in the long run because our emotions just tend to stay on the surface and we are more prone to mental breakdowns which can be extremely exhausting. Some common fears we face during young adolescence are anxiety in the form of being on stage or while writing an exam, peer pressure, parental miscommunication etc. These issues can be extremely hampering in the later stages of our lives, which is why dealing with them is extremely important. You can start by taking small steps at home such as deep breathing, counting your blessings, exploring the hobbies that make you feel calm. Enroll yourself in mental health workshops that give you the right amount of exposure to deal and heal from your issues.

Zariyaaa is one such organization that conducts mental fitness workshops. These workshops not only include exposure to fears through various interactive activities but also facilitate in development of constructive coping mechanisms and nurturing communication skills among children so that they can voice their feelings without feeling inhibited. With a different topic every week the sessions include brainstorming one's strengths and weaknesses and how to mould their shortcomings into something fruitful. It works on the holistic development of an individual by working on different facets of their personality through simple and interactive activities that help in tangify-ing whatever one is feeling on a piece of paper or through movements therefore creating the perfect space to vent out their thoughts and emotions. Any kind of exposure with the right kind of intensity always leads to gaining insight which isn't extremely overwhelming for the child since it's through the medium of fun activities, mental health workshops are the perfect medium for it since it doesn't have any age barriers involved either.
Zariyaaa believes in shattering stigmas all over and also advocates for teacher and parent well being programs. So let's take a step to deal and heal with zariyaaa and we promise you it'll be worth the ride !

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