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Be a Super Student


Super Student

Be the super student you?ve always wanted to be. Here are some key points to help you get started-

1. Plan

You might've had some sweet as well as sour moments during the school. At some point, you must have pondered upon an incident and promised yourself that you will not do that again or you'll come up with a better approach to handle such situation. If the former feels relatable, now's the right time to plan for it. Plan it, be it about studies, sports, academics, projects or exams. It doesn't matter what you've been through, the only thing that counts is what you are going to do about it.

2. Getting Good Grades

There's no secret to get good grades. You need to work, hard and smart. Organize your routine, take notes in class, but don't just carve it in the copy for god's sake, be attentive in the class. Interact with the teacher during the lecture, you may not feel the need to do so, but believe me it helps in the long run. Complete your homework on time and do not pla-giarize it. Seek the teacher?s help whenever needed

3. Extra Curricular Activities

Along with the academics, extra-curricular activities are also important as it grooms your personality in different aspects. The activities include sports, quizzes, literature, music, dance, drama and technical skills too. You must pick up a few traits to cope-up with your education.

4. Stop Procrastination

Never ever wait for a perfect time to start something. Be it your homework, project or any activity. Remember, now orn e v e r ! Delaying it will only breed re-sentment in the future. Calm your mind, get a grip on it and start doing it.

5. Make friends

Meeting new people is one of the most inquisitive thing that one can do. Join a club in your school and expand your friend circle. You will explore people with same interests and habits similar to yourself. Above everything, friends are a necessary part of one's life.

6. Read a book

This may seem to be a tiresome task, but it isn't. After having a duel with the curriculum books all day, you probably don't want to get your hands laid on a book off the charts. Al-though, reading a novel, or a storybook is an entirely different aspect. If you can't read daily then try it on weekends.

7. Be a Leader

The roots of becoming a leader starts from school. Be confi-dent and do what you think is right, don't be a part of the herd because of the peer pressure. Whenever necessary, take the stand to lead. Hesitation in initiation is a serious offence. You may fail sometimes, but remember everyone fails.