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Environment and Thoughts on childhood

Tall buildings in the east
Greenery in the west
All that surrounds you
Looks very best.
  Please don’t pollute the environment
Pollution will destroy it,
Move ahead forward,
To clean it a bit.
  Dirty water in the rivers
Flows up and down.
It will reach at your place
in the town.
  The next generation will
Learn from the same thing.
The idea of cleanliness drive,
Will it bring?
  Moving in the West,
Seems to see lots of packets of garbage,
When the Indians will wake
And brake the bondage?

Staying with the garbage
Will also pollute you,
Tell us,
About your view?

Thoughts on Childhood
The days of childhood,
Were really fun!
Playing with friends,
And sharing the bun.
In the School,
Math is really boring,
Learning English with friends,
Is really a time for story-ing.

Poems by
Ridhima Kumar, 12,
DPS Rohini,
New Delhi