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My Terrible Dream


One day when I was sleeping  Terrible thoughts in my mind were creeping.
The spooky ones, the terrible ones,  But of fairy was the none.  All was dark with no fun.
In my dream, in the river I fell,
and I yelled,
and screamed , 
But no one came across the stream.  Nefarious ones were being respected  Humanity in the world seemed to have ended  The bloodshed, the war, were going,
No one was stopping even if they were knowing,   The trees were dark and not lively at all,  There were shadows of deaths on every wall.  Suddenly from the river I fell and was about to cry,   But then I opened my eyes,
And saw my dad in suit and tie.   Thank God it was a dream ,
It wasn't real, that blood and stream .

About the Poet I’m Sakshi Kumari and I study in class 7, St Mark’s Senior Secondary Public School, Janak Puri, New Delhi. I like to read books and I love Harry Potter series.