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The Bane Of Doubts I Had (and have)

Published on July 1, 2019
Author:Anureet Kaur

It just takes an epic length Of untrustworthy friends and experiences
To view the opposite people with suspicion
Although they're some trustworthy and honest ones
It just takes a small bundle of cases
To start hating some particular faces Because they converted you into an open book
And set out to spread the rumors they cook
But when that 'some' people becomes all
You see everyone suspiciously, and it's not your fault
I try to calm my doubtful self down But it's not that easy, no not at all
I try to figure out the ones to be trusted
And the ones to whom I would say you are busted
But the experiences I have, are like gracious obstacles
Stopping me like an octopus, with its vicious tentacles
They scrutinize each and every step of mine
Scrutinizing each and every friend of mine
And then it lays its seeds of distrust and doubt
Which I can never really throw out
So the other alternative to calm myself
Is by dipping myself into the sea of guilt
Because it's better to regret those acts of suspicion
Then to commit another unforgivable one
The friends I have got are like my pals for life
So I don't want our friendships to end in strife
Because they are all more valuable than diamonds
This Beaut, Helpful, Warm and Awesome THREESOME
And they never deserved and will never deserve to be
Seen with suspicion by a lunatic like me.

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Kazi Fernaaz Feroze, 17, St.George's School, New Delhi. Born in Kolkata, I shifted to Delhi in 2005 as my father got transferred. You see, when I get emotionally overwhelmed, poetic ideas fill up my mind, and then I begin to have this urge to jot it down. So in this way, I write poems. Now I am in class 12. My hobbies are: writing poems, drawing, singing, all alone, and most important of all, checking out new English and Hindi songs.

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