~ Reflections ~

The Elderly

And the sunshine said a new hello to the onset of his dawn
The dawn of life
The dusk of living life independently
The dusk to the road of MYSELF
Who are elderly ?


They are grandparents! Our grandparents who wait to savour one look of ours , they wait to see our eyes draining whatever youth and childhood is left in them , they are old uncles and aunts who look forward to catch hold their sons and daughters from their typically busy routines, they are dusty books and broken letters waiting for the parchment to come back to them from heaven, they are those teary eyes who water with happiness, pain, trust, little moments and what not, they are independent steps to finally do something for themselves, they are those final moments of life in which one mutters to god about every small detail of their life about how they escaped their parents when they did not do well in exams and lie, apologizing to their husbands and wives for those little moments which they stole to eat something restricted from the kitchen, about the several times they had a chance but couldn’t meet their grandchildren, about the various unfinished friendships they had to escape to grow in life. It's the journey of life , it started on a train to this world wherein people love to love and hate, judge, explore, grow, earn etc. and it ends when the sudden wave oscillates on the damp sand to take along those last imprints of a humans feet.
- By Aashna Chadha, 16, DPS Rohini, New Delhi