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About the Author: By Ahilaan Saxena, 12,
Delhi Public School Rohini,
New Delhi

Published on:17-09-2019

If you’d ask me if I’d like an adventure, I’d say a big no as I’m a bookworm. But one day something happened that totally changed my conception. It was a fine winter morning. I cuddled myself up in my cozy bed more than before. Everything was calm and composed when suddenly I heard a deafening ‘BANG!’ I nearly jumped out of my skin. Initially I thought it was a gunshot or something but then I realized that my little brother might have been stealing cookies and would accidentally have dropped the jar, I crept towards the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen, I saw something that made my heart skip a beat. There in the middle of the kitchen floor lay a gigantic spaceship and inside it was a rather tiny alien.

The roof had caved in and some crockery had been smashed to pieces. I’d almost got a heart attack when the alien came out of the spaceship and told me that I needn’t be frightened. I was confused. Was I in the middle of a dream? How could the alien speak English? I somehow gained my courage and asked him what his problem was. He sadly told me that he had lost his way and crashed on Earth. Though I’m afraid of aliens but at that point of time, I felt a pity for the alien and decided to help. I entered the spaceship and was dumbstruck to see so many controls in it. I sat beside the alien and before I could ask where the alien lived, he drove off at the speed of light. I gave out a cry and held the seat firmly. Before long, we’d reached space and the alien told me his name was ‘Gogo’ and he had come from the planet ‘Bora-Bora’. I suggested that we started our hunt from the ‘Ogratogle’ belt where many aliens lived. We sped off towards the belt. I was just eating a hamburger when a large monster attacked our spaceship. It started swaying the spaceship from side to side. I was feeling like puking when an idea struck my mind. We loaded ourselves onto the mini UFO at the far end of the spaceship and escaped out of it. It was a narrow escape. We drove off for some miles when I saw light coming from a place. The alien’s happiness knew no bounds when he found out it was his planet.

I was delighted but my happiness flew away when I spotted a large group of asteroids speeding towards our UFO. To add to the problems, our UFO started moving opposite to the direction of Bora-Bora due to some gear-related technical problem. I was just thinking of a solution when my gaze travelled to some dusty pillows kept on the ground. We wore our spacesuits, got out of the UFO and tied some pillows to the front part of it. We had just entered our UFO when suddenly a massive rock hit the pillows. Our UFO was pushed backwards towards Bora-Bora. The UFO didn’t break either. Our plan had worked! Eventually we were pushed to the planet and before the UFO could go any farther, we jumped off it with our parachutes. We landed in a crowded city. The alien gradually found his house there. He thanked me for helping him and gave me a souvenir of Bora-Bora as a token of friendship. I was just asking him where the food shops lay in the city when suddenly a huge stream of water flowed upon me. I immediately got up from my bed, still thinking if it was really a dream.

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