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The Right Way To Celebrate Diwali

Festivals! The synonym to delicious food, endless fun and the enchanting pleasantness. Among all our festivals, Diwali is the most enthusiastically celebrated ceremony. It symbolizes the victory of lord Ram over the evil king Ravana.

It epitomizes the conquest of light over darkness. Generation by generation, the true essence of Diwali seems to be lost somewhere in between. Here are some key points to celebrate it in a sensible way:

**1.Thoughtful crackers** Now a days, Diwali celebration means firecrackers. Kids don't even know why they are blowing the crackers. Parents need to teach them the moral reasons and ignite the consciousness about good and evil. Show them the adverse effects of firecrackers instead of handing over a bag full of it.

**2. Light Of Life** When Lord Ram arrived at Ayodhya, his native land, after winning the long battle with Ravana, the people ignited Diyas (earthen lamps) all over the city as a welcoming souvenir. Henceforth, the tradition has continued. But with modernization, electric lamps are replacing the customary Diyas. Earthen lamps not only bring prosperity to the poor potters, but they also hold historic and religious significance which needs to be preserved.

**3. A Colorful Greeting** Make Rangolis and fill your life with colors. Rangoli tradition is preserved from the ancient time but today in people's busy schedule and sky-scraping homes, Rangolis are considered to be old-fashioned. Parents need to keep the essence alive through these colors. It doesn't count how big your Rangoli is, what matters is the intention. Use natural colors and flowers with fragrance to maintain a soothing ambiance.

**4. Go Offline** Diwali is not just about firecrackers, sweets and decoration. It's also about connecting with people and taking the blessings of elders. From kids to adults, the internet bug has bitten them all. Forwarding a 'Happy Diwali’ text is not enough. Visit your relatives or friend's home, offer them sweets, socialize and get the benediction from the elderly ones in the house. Meet the people offline, gift real postcards/greeting-cards instead of an online text, greet them physically because Diwali is a festival that connects people.

**5. To The Society** Instead of spending hours bursting crackers and partying, give a little of your precious time to the ones who actually need it. Go to old-age homes and orphanages. Go there with your kids, show them the inequality in life and teach them to respect what they have. Donate stationery, old clothes and sweets to them. Invest some time and try to bring a smile on their face. You can also share your stories or listen to theirs, watch a movie, listen to songs or even dance with them. Trust me, if you manage to make at least one of them happy, your Diwali celebration will be successful. In the end, festivals are to fill your stressful life with joy and mesmerizing moments. If you do it right, you will find peace in the good deeds done. Try to walk an extra mile with each and every festival and keep spreading the love.