~ Be Better ~

Who am I?


We're all in a constant race of becoming something or the other. Some of us want to become doctors, some engineers, some fashion designers and some of us are still wondering what we should be! In this hasty race, how often do we think who we actually are?

When did you last ask yourself ?who am I?? Let?s do a short exercise and see where we are: Take a blank sheet and write ?Who Am I?? on the top. Under it, define yourself using 5 adjectives. Don?t forget to be optimistic when you think of yourself. Below that, make two columns and write in each, ?Things I like about myself? and ?Things I don?t like about myself.? Turn the sheet around and jot down ?Things I want? and in front of each point write down the obstacle that is becoming a hurdle in achieving your want.

Once you?re done with this, you have your current life blueprint in your hand. Now it?s your choice to lead your life your way!