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On World Humanitarian Day (WHD) August 19, the world commemorates humanitarian workers killed and injured in the course of their work, and we honour all aid and health workers who continue, despite the odds, to provide life-saving support and protection to people most in need.

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May Day, 1st of May,
Why is May Day significantly different from other holidays?

May Day, also known as Workers' Day or International Workers' Day, is a day celebrated on May 1 in various nations to honour the historical battles and victories achieved by workers and the labour movement.

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Mobile photos ,cellphones always rectangular, smartphones, Rectangular devices
Why are cellphones always rectangular?

Rectangular devices are easy to handle compared to triangular or circular devices. For triangular devices, they would not fit in your pockets.

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left-brain, right -brain, separate brains, brain controls, Functions of the Left Brain, weight of brain
What is the difference between our left-brain and right-brain?

We do not have two separate brains. Left-brian is the left hemisphere of our brain and the right-brain is the right hemisphere of our brain.

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International apps banned in China, China-linked apps,  Google Search Engine, Facebook , WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, YouTube,, Instagram, Gmail, Google Maps, Baidu Search Engine,
What international apps are banned in China?

In China, numerous apps are forbidden. Yet, if you're moving there, there is a workaround. Get a list of all the popular Chinese apps that have been banned here.

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Roger Federer, Boredom, restlessness , mental fatigue
What happens when we get bored?

Boredom is a very common feeling. Even, animals feel bored like us. It is the feeling of dissatisfaction, restlessness and mental fatigue.

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Oscars Prize, Nobel Prize, National Awards, Bharat Ratna, Arjuna Award, Dada Saheb Phalke Awards, Ashok Chakra, Jnanpith Award
What are the different National Awards of our country?

The Padma Vibhushan, Bharat Ratna, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Shri stand as some of India's most prestigious national awards, honoring individuals for their exceptional contributions in various fields.

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United States Army Air Forces, UFO Day, UFO Awareness Day, United States
UFO Awareness Day

World UFO Day, a day devoted to unexplained flying objects, is observed annually on July 2. Essentially, it serves as a day of awareness for people all around the world to come together and search the skies for UFOs.

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