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Adult frogs are carnivores. They eat everything smaller than them, including insects, worms and smaller frogs.

We are the YoUng ADulTs!

When you're fun to be around, when you're ambitious, when you're curious, and when you're society's driving force, you know who we are! The Young Adults are us.




Attention: Young adult' refers to anyone who's enjoying life to the fullest while being at the threshold of adulthood. This has no real-life connection to the numbers called age and is far from any categorization based on such numbers. Young adults and 'young-at-heart-adults' have one thing in common, they don't hesitate from learning new things. Does it match your traits?

We are fun to be with, we are the go-getters, we are full of curiosity, we are the driving force of society, you know who we are! We are the YoUng ADulTs!

We are the perfect people to talk to, coz we will listen to you. But you definitely know, we don't just listen: we consume, we think, we analyze, we question and we speak. So you would definitely think twice before talking to us, but we'll suggest you not to, coz we don't judge.

We are the perfect people to reach out to when you need help, because we're not biased. We're honest and right on the face, that sometimes freaks some people out. Some people have difficulty understanding us, but we're not even that difficult!

If you really want to talk to us, stop running around the bush, and talk straightaway to us! We like people who have the guts to talk, straight.

- From a Young-at-Heart Adult to fellow YoUng ADulTs!


Infants have about 100 more bones as compared to adults. These “extra” bones fuse together to form a single bone as the child ages and by adulthood, the number of bones is reduced to 206.




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