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Indian Army, Facts About Indian Army

Little Known Facts about the Indian Army

The Indian Army is the third largest Armed forces in the World. They are also considered one of the strongest fighting forces in the world.


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It is sad news that our Indian Army is fighting the Chinese army on the India-China border, in the middle of a Pandemic. More than that it's worse to think about the people who lost their lives in the battle. But as citizens, we must not lose hope on our soldiers. Though it is sad to accept how they are losing their lives for our safety, we must try to look at their previous achievements and help increase their morale and appreciate them. Here is a list of facts that you may not have known about the Indian Army.

Top 10 Amazing Facts about the Indian Army Every Aspirant Needs to Know?

1. The Indian Army is one of the world's largest, with over 1.3 million active personnel.

2. It operates at extreme altitudes, defending borders from Siachen Glacier to the Thar Desert.

3. The Kargil War showcased its valor.

4. The Indian Army's motto is "Service Before Self."

5. It has UN peacekeeping missions worldwide.

6. The Siachen Glacier posts are some of the highest military posts globally.

7. The Army's Parachute Regiment is renowned for its elite Para Special Forces.

8. Military Engineering Services (MES) supports infrastructure development.

9. The Army's diverse regiments have rich histories and traditions.

10. Officers and soldiers often hail from military families, fostering a strong sense of service and tradition.

The Indian Army is the third largest Armed forces in the World. They are also considered one of the strongest fighting forces in the world. During World War II, even Adolf Hitler wanted to acquire the Gurkha Regiment because he felt that with the help of the Indian Army only, he could take over the whole of Europe.

The Indian Army holds its name in the Guinness Book Of World Records. It is because they have a World Record for the largest military surrender. In 1971, during the Indo-Pak War, the Indian Army was able to make 93,000 Pakistani Soldiers surrender to them.

The Indian Army also forms one of the Biggest Voluntary Army. It implies that nobody in India is forcefully recruited in the Indian Army. All the soldiers working for the country get recruited voluntarily. It also does not practice any mode of recruitment on the basis of caste, religion or any other forms of reservations.

The Indian Army trains a lot of other foreign armies like the US, UK and Russia. There are institutes like Indian Military Academy of Dehradun and Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School of Mizoram that provide training to the foreign armies.

In the year 2013, the Indian Army carried out one of the biggest civilian rescue operations. This operation was known as ‘Operation Rahat’. It was done with the help of our great Indian Air Force.

There is a bridge called ‘The Bailey Bridge’ in Ladakh Valley that connects Suru and Dras river. It is the highest bridge in the world. In 1982, this bridge was built by our brave Indian Army.

So you see, our Indian Army comprises bravest, strongest and most intelligent soldiers. Let us all remember their glory and hope for this situation to pass. Let us all pray for the victory of our brothers on the Indo-Chinese border. May God give them all the strength.


The famous singer Elvis Presley served in the Army even after he was really famous.




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