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Species that Inhabit the Earth in BIG-NUMBERS!

Only a small percentage of the living world is known to science, despite the latest attempt being described as the most accurate yet.




According to a study, Humans comprise only 0.01% of the total biomass. It refers to the fact that there are other animals, belonging to other species who comprise the rest 99.99%. Really! It includes a variety of plants, micro and macro organisms, etc. Today, we will learn about 4 species other than Humans who live in huge populations.

Birds: Red-Billed Quelea (Quelea quelea)
These birds closely resemble sparrows and finches, and they form an enormous flock that migrates from one place to the other, depending on their availability of food. They are considered to be the most significant agricultural pests of Africa. They cover around two-thirds of the entire Africa and have a population of 1 to 10 billion.

Reptiles: Lizards and Snakes
The viviparous lizards inhabit a huge swath of Europe, Asia, France, Japan and Russia. They can even survive in the extreme climate of the Arctic. And then there are a dozen species of garter snake that populate most of North America. These creatures are mostly harmless, gobbling up insects and rodents.

Amphibian: Frogs
Frogs are certainly the most numerous amphibians living on this planet. There are approximately 5500 different species of frogs. The most common frog, Rana temporaria, is found all over Europe. Wood Frog, Lithobates sylvatica, can be found in the northern parts of Northern America. And aquatic African clawed frogs, Xenopus laevis, are found majorly in all parts of Africa.

Fish: The Bristlemouths, or lightfishes
They are considered the most populated species of fishes. They are the most numerous vertebrae on the planet currently. Bristlemouths are deep sea fishes that can emit light from their photophores. They are so numerous that they form the key component of the Ocean food web.

So, you see we are a part of the beautiful ecosystems, where there are more populated species on the planet. Then why do you think only humans are responsible for climate change? Let me know what you think.


Kitties are cute little fur balls, but did you know? They are a descendent of the Felis Silvestris Species. Which means they are categorized as African Wildcats, European Wildcats and Steppe Wildcats.




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