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REM, rapid eye movement, Dreams, psychoanalysts, Lucid dreams, Nightmares, Do animals dream?

Why Do We Dream?

Discover why we dream and some of the most popular theories on dreams. Although they may serve this function, dreams may also serve other objectives.


Mental Health


Dreams are common at any stage of one’s sleep. But it most likely occurs during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. REM in humans was discovered in 1953. Read more to learn more interesting facts about dreaming.

What are dreams?
Dreams are stories or images that we experience in our sleep. According to the 19th - 20th century psychoanalysts, dreams are a way our unconscious mind acts out its deepest desires. It means, if you like to have pani puri but you can’t due to this lockdown, it is most likely that you will dream of having pani puri at night. This way, in your dream, your brain will fulfill your desire.

How many types of dreams are there?
Usually there are two types of dreams:
Lucid dreams - Where you are aware that you are dreaming. These dreams can range from being simple and short to long, complicated and bizarre.
Nightmares - These dreams are common in both adults and children. These are basically bad dreams that trigger our fear and anxieties.

Do animals dream?
Since 1953, when the scientists discovered the REM sleep in humans, they have tried to figure out if animals dream or not. During REM sleep, our brain shows patterns of electrical activity, our body becomes calm and our eyes dart back and forth. A similar reaction was also seen in animals. So, we can assume that animals, like us, dream while they sleep.

Why do we dream?
There are many theories related to why we dream. But a solid reason has still not been found. Some researchers relate dreams with one’s personal experience, emotions and reactions. While others connect it with our future and purpose of life.

How often do you dream?Let me know…


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