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Why do movies have a great impact in our lives?

In addition, movies help us comprehend the harmful impacts of abusing alcohol, drugs, and other substances. Activism and crime TV programmes also alert us to the risks associated with crime, terrorism, and war.


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Today is the birth anniversary of the famous American actor Tom Cruise. We love to see him play different roles in different genres of movies. In fact, from our very childhood, movies shape and impact our lives in various ways. That is why we love watching movies so much. Movies may have both good and bad effects but today we will tell you how it makes an impact in our lives.

  • We associate ourselves with the protagonists
    It is one crucial reason why we love watching movies. Because whenever we do, we associate ourselves with the protagonist on the screen. If the protagonist is fighting the bad guys, we imagine ourselves in their place. That is why we feel happy when the protagonist defeats those bad guys. 

  • Movies inspire us
    As Indians, we don’t watch only Indian movies. And yet we love those foreign locations, people, their lives and their cultures. It is because we find similarities between our lives and the lives depicted on screen. It also inspires us to live a beautiful life in a beautiful place someday, as portrayed in the movie. 

  • Movies shape our personality
    Through movies we come in contact with a lot of fictional characters. As people, we like some of their traits and try to imitate that in our own lives. This way, movies become responsible for shaping our personality to an extent.

  • Movies normalize stereotypes
    As movies depict our surroundings and realities, it also normalizes stereotypes. For instance, the stereotype of a female protagonist in movies is a tall, slim, fair woman. It makes our society look at women and bodies that do not conform to the stereotype, in a negative light. 

So you see, movies are way more impactful than we think them to be. Why do you like to watch movies?

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The tragedy of the sinking Titanic was made into a lot of documentaries and films. But the first movie ever made on this topic was ‘Saved from the Titanic’. It was made after one month of the actu




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