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What are the mythological creatures whose fossils were discovered by archaeologists?

Isn't it strange that we don't think of mythological creatures as real, but assume them to to be fictitious. Let's know the truth!




We all know about mythological creatures like dragons, unicorns, cyclopes etc. They live in our imagination more than they roam around in real life. These creatures are derived from different mythological tales we heard as children. However, the origin of these creatures were such a mystery, that the scientists started looking for their evidence on the planet. Lo and behold! They discovered some fossils that resembled the description of these imaginary beings. Keep reading to find out what these characters are?

  • Griffins
    Griffins are described as the creatures with a body of a lion, face and wings of an eagle. You get the reference of this creature in Greek mythology. They were believed to be living in the Gobi Desert. Later archeologists discovered the fossils of Protoceratops. Similar to the Griffins, Protoceratops had four legs and a beak. They also had elongated shoulder bones which could resemble wings. The fossils were found near the Gobi Desert.

  • Cyclops
    Cyclops were believed to be these one-eyed monsters. Their references are also found in the Greek mythologies. They were considered imaginary until the one-eyed fossils of some giant creature were found. On the Greek Island of Crete the tusk, some teeth and several bones were discovered . Scientists believe these remains belong to some distant relative of today’s elephant. The interesting part is, the skull of this giant mammal was found to have only one eye socket.

  • Dragons
    Dragons are these flying creatures who can emit fire from their mouth, right? But the fossils discovered provided no such evidence. But the paleontologists today believe that the Dragons were a kind of dinosaur. The evidence can be seen in the findings of Adrienne Mayor. From her research on folklore and fossils, she could discover the fossil of a type of dinosaur whose skull exactly resembles the skull of the dragons found in China and medieval Europe.

  • Mermaids
    Scientists had swiped this myth under the table saying the seamen looked at dugongs from a distance and mistook them for mermaids. But some 800 year old mermaid bones were exhibited in the Ryuguji temple of Japan. When these bones were tested by the Paleontologists, they did not hold any similarity with the Dugongs. The Scientists are assuming the bones to be belonging to some creature of the Neophocaena family, similar to some finless porpoises. Whatever it is, we cannot completely deny the existence of mermaids

  • Unicorns
    It is the most popular imaginary creature across the globe. And yes! They are real. Recently the fossils of siberian unicorn were found by the scientists. According to their study, these creatures were not as white and elegant as we imagine them to be. But certainly they had horns like the rhinoceros. The fossilized skull of this animal was found in Kazakhstan. And it is believed that this creature was extinct from the face of this planet around 350,000 years ago.

If these mythological characters existed on earth, do you think the Indian mythological characters, like the vanar sena of Ramayana, were also real? Maybe in ancient times, some apes had human-like ability to walk and talk. What do you think?


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