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What is Gender Identity and why do we need to understand it?

Most societies around the world classify the human body into two genders. These are the Male and the Female gender. This classification is based on human anatomy.


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Most societies around the world classify the human body into two genders. These are the Male and the Female gender. This classification is based on human anatomy. But for centuries, millions of people who felt different about themselves and did not fit into the binary roles of ‘Masculine’ and ‘Feminine’ were criticised, rejected and even eliminated from society. Whereas the truth is, Gender identity cannot be determined by birth, it is a much complex idea about how a person feels about themselves. In simpler terms, gender identity does not always have to do with a person’s body, it comprises other factors like likes and dislikes, preferences, choices and how someone feels about themselves. Let us dig into the concept of gender…

  • The common belief
    As mentioned earlier, people are assigned their genders at birth. These genders are limited to the binary of the male and the female. It is a common belief that gender is of these two kinds only. But in reality there are more than two kinds of gender identities. For decades now, people have been trying to redefine the idea of gender by breaking the common belief of gender binary. There have been movements to normalize the idea that gender is a spectrum and a multifarious concept. 

What is wrong with gender binary?
The problem with gender binary is that cis-gender people are accepted all throughout the world. They get all the opportunities and enjoy all the rights. They are considered to be ‘normal’. But people who belong to trans gender or other gender diverse communities, are not accepted by society. They are considered to be abnormal or mentally challenged. It means the practice of gender binary is not inclusive of people and their genders and hence it needs to be redefined. 

What is the meaning of cis and trans gender?
Cis gender people are those who conform to the gender assigned to them at birth. For example, a girl will feel like a girl and be more drawn towards feminine clothes like dresses, sarees etc. 

Trans gender people are those who do not conform to the gender assigned to them at birth and will exhibit behavior of the opposite sex. For example, a girl may see herself as a boy and feel drawn towards clothes like shirts, pants. They can feel uncomfortable wearing skirts and dresses. There is also a diverse range of people who exhibit behavior and preferences of both male and female gender. And there are people who do not fall under any of the above categories. All of these people and their genders are normal and created by God. 

  • It takes time to understand one’s gender
    One thing we understood for sure, that someone’s body is not equal to their gender. Gender is not just physiological but also psychological. Some people can identify their genders at a very early age. Whereas for some people, it may take some time. It is important that one abides by their comfort and joy to understand themselves and their genders.

Why is it necessary to understand gender?
Understanding gender is important for a healthy emotional and mental development. People who do not fit into the gender binary, always feel pressured to follow it. They are more vulnerable to develop serious mental health issues like, anxiety, depression, insomnia and can even show traits of self-harm and suicide. This is why one must get the liberty to freely express themselves and their gender without any preconceived gender roles assigned to them.

Just remember, all genders are normal, equal and created by God.


Before the 12th century there was no word “she” in the English Language. To refer to the female gender another word “heo” was used which was the plural form of all genders.




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