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Wonder what is a phonograph?

A device for the mechanical and analogue recording and reproduction of sound is a phonograph, also known as a gramophone in later variants (as a trademark from 1887).


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Here is some interesting facts about the phonograph:

The other terms used for a phonograph is a gramophone and a record player. The phonograph machine was used to reproduce sound.

In 1877, on August 12, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph.
The phonograph Thomas Edision used could reproduce and record sound on a special cylindrical tinfoil.

Modern Phonographs consist of a turntable and a needle or stylus and are usually connected to an amplifier and speakers to project sound. The record, a grooved vinyl disc, is placed on the turntable and the stylus travels in the grooves which causes vibration, which in turn generates sound.

The use of Phonographs declined when Compact Discs started being produced in
the 1980s.

The term phonograph came from the two Greek words, phone and graphe, meaning ‘sound’ and ‘writing’.

Thomas Edison used phonographs inside toys, especially dolls, and as a dictating machine to reduce the need of a stenographer.


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