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Spanish Flu, prevent the spread of Covid-19, Khumb mela, world largest crowd

How did people protect themselves during the Spanish Flu?

The Spanish Flu (1918-1919) is considered to be the deadliest influenza pandemic in the history of civilization.


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Ah! It feels so good to be back after two-long weeks. I have missed writing articles for you all. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I had to refrain from writing for this magazine. And I had to spend a lot of hours outdoors, wearing masks, gloves and socks in the scorching heat of this weather. It was unbearable, when it occurred to me, how had the people dealt with the Spanish Flu about a century ago? Well, read on to find out…

The Spanish Flu (1918-1919) is considered to be the deadliest influenza pandemic in the history of civilization. It infected around 500 million people all over the world, which was one-third of the entire population. This Flu killed around 50 million people all over the globe. Even today, a huge population dies due to the outbreak of seasonal flu.

However, a century ago, people devised innovative ways to contain the infection. One of the most effective measures was the use of camphor. People used Camphor to such an extent, that they had started wearing bags of Camphor around their necks.

Other interesting precautions included gargling saltwater. It was believed that the saltwater killed any kind of germs and viruses expanding in the throat. Apart from that, people also started wearing masks and eating a lot of oranges.

There was this one particularly interesting law that stated, one of the two parents would warn the other to not kiss their baby. This way, the spread of the Spanish Flu was effectively prevented.

Do you think the periodical lockdowns are an effective measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19?


In 2011, the yearly gathering of Kumbh Mela was visible from space. About 75 million pilgrims gathered on the occasion and made a record of the world’s largest crowd.




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