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Think of one major difference between your experience of in school learning and online learning

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Upasana Rayal

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Teaching in the physical world with chalk and duster with a little bit of technological touch and garnishing of sophisticated language is the common day to day recipe which we generally follow when being in the physical classroom. Sensing the needs of the students, observing their smiles and noticing their naughty behaviors is something which a teacher can do very easily and smartly with her experience. Catering the needs of the students in the physical world is very easy as any time the child can approach you or reach you for help, guidance or for settling a query. Moreover, observing students with their peers gives us a different feeling altogether. Their bonding with their friends is one big lesson which is very good to prepare them for the future social life.

The chit-chat of students, their noise at the water points or meetings at the corridors or even those sounds from the school playground which use to provide us an example of a winning crowd watching a match is something my eyes and ears miss a lot as a teacher. Those well dressed students standing in attention in the school assembly and not missing any opportunity to laugh or chat is what my heart misses everyday during this lockdown. But if I talk about the difference in online and offline teaching I just want to say that the silver lining of this pandemic is the technological upgradation, syllabus modifications and yes keeping the young students away from the traditional rote learning process which was killing the new generations by following the old dilapidated education system. 

This online education has given a golden opportunity to everyone to contemplate, restructure and reorganize the future requirements of the education system. Gone are the days when only an intelligent quotient was the only skill or criteria to measure the achievement of a student in his/ her school life. Today we need children who  possess good emotional ,social, decision, and moral quotients. Let’s do the old thing in a new way!!!!!!