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Aryan Gupta

Short Stories


Aryan Gupta, 10, loves reading so much that, believe it or not, he sometimes wakes up at 4 am to read! Come rain, hail, flood or storm, this is not going to change. His love for reading and writing stories comes as no surprise! 

Aryan lives in Gurugram, with his family and studies in Lotus Valley International School. His favourite subject is English. Aryan loves pizza and mangoes. He rocks to Jazz music and plays the guitar. His other passion is dancing and he does a really nice floss. His creative bent of mind can also be witnessed through his working models and lego creations.

Aryan wishes to take up writing full time after completing his studies and become a professional author. 


It was just an ordinary day, I was lazily walking down to the guest room in my home to watch TV with a bowl of my favourite cheese popcorn and caramel chocolate. I had finished my homework and got full marks in my science exam. And so I was rewarded with two hours of TV time. I slumped down on my favourite upholstered sofa and switched on the T.V. to see the football championship. 

When I turned on the football championship, the T.V. just blabbered things like thirty three minutes remaining, press O.K. to pause, audio and subtitle option, other shows available and a lot more. More than half of the championship was over before the T.V. stopped yapping. I hadn’t even eaten my favourite snacks. I got fed up and cursed it. I think the T.V. was ashamed because he suddenly grew eyes, a bug nose and a huge mouth. I absolutely jumped out of my skin! It was like science (my favorite subject) had failed for the first time. No scientist ever said that a non-living thing could come to life. 

I was shocked. The T.V. looked like a cartoon. I remarked, “Earlier you used to trouble me with your yapping loudspeaker and now you’ve come to trouble me with a face.” It just replied, “Relax buddy, just come close and give me your snacks, let me also relax and eat these sumptuous treats.” I said furiously, “Shut up! You bag of stinky garbage. I really want to send you for repair.” The T.V. i just smiled and played some stupid songs at full volume. It extended its wire hands and grabbed my tasty treats  and started licking them with his wiry tongue. 

Yuck! I wish you were just a part of my imagination, I said. The T.V. just ignored me. I shouted at the top of my lungs, “You irritating bag of non-sense, stop the cheap songs. The T.V. Stopped for a second but then resumed. I shot a dirty look at him. Oh! No! No! No! Stop! Pause the story, why am I forgetting that this is a T.V. and not a living person. So, I shot a dirty look at ‘IT.’ 

Angrily, I switched off the T.V. but its face didn’t go! It kept blabbering about how cruel a master can be. I was in a rage now! I got double sided tape and sealed the T.V.’s mouth. I tried to say something but it just sounded like the nursery rhyme ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’. 

Suddenly, the T.V. sent an electric shock from the tip of its tongue and the tape came peeling off. I wanted to thrash the T.V. and destroy it but restrained myself knowing how expensive the T.V. was. I shouted some more curses at the T.V. but it got angry and slapped me with one of its wiry hands. It felt like a thousand bees had stung me. In my defence, I hit the T.V. on the nose with a remote. It started shooting electric sparks everywhere. 

I got frightened and begged for mercy and promised to keep peace between us. The T.V. smiled and held out its hand. I shook it warmly, careful of the electric hand tips. Now that we were friends, the T.V. played some D.J. songs and we partied and played riddle games too. While I was still understanding the riddle, the T.V. answered them correctly, back to back, I praised it, calling it ‘brainy’ too. (Of course, it had seen more Discovery shows than I did ;).) I could see the T.V. secretly blushing and I giggled. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and the T.V. turned itself into normal. It was very quiet in the room. 

Before I hurried to the door,  I said to the T.V. disapprovingly, “Don’t be naughty next time….” The T.V. smiled and winked at me. I rushed and opened the door while muttering to myself, what a wonderful reward it was, and what a nice and magical friend I’ve got - The Magical T.V.!