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The Haunted House

The Haunted House

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Aryan Thakur

Short Stories


Once upon a time there was a village in which there was a big house and it was considered to be haunted. One day there was a competition in which anybody who would stay in that house for one day would get One lac rupees. In the village there lived a wise man who accepted the challenge. When he stayed there, he heard strange sounds and figured out that those voices were that of a radio. Then he saw candles floating in the air. As he moved towards the candles, he came to know that those candles were hanging by threads which were very thin. He came to know that the house was actually a place of thieves who hid their stolen items there. He informed the police and the police caught the thieves. The man also got a reward.

Moral: Deal with situations wisely and let your curiosity find the reason behind everything.