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Coronavirus Please Go Away

Coronavirus Please Go Away

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Tasmeishree Ratha



Coronavirus please go away,

There are people dying every day.

There is a lot of despair in the world,

I am sure that this can be swirled.

It's sad to read about the pain,

Doctors are trying hard but all in vain.

I am sure there will be a solution soon,

Time is a constraint as people are dying day, night & noon.

We are suffering due to all man made destruction,

We need to change & find a solution.

Mistakes are made along the way,

Learn from them & all should be okay.

I pray to Lord Almighty to help us out,

As we can't see people dying day in and day out.

Give us forgiveness for all our sins,

And give us powers to fight this & win .

Coronavirus please go away,

Can't see people dying every day.