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Gratitude Uninterrupted

Gratitude Uninterrupted

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Narita Ahuja



Though it’s coronavirus, 

But we have bonded again, 

in all the fuss,

To keep the togetherness and the bliss,

Though it’s lockdown,

But still things are moving on,

World is so happening,

Major part of the universe is still laboring,

Thankyou Sun for rising, 

giving us all the shine,

And making us realise, 

Every night will have  a morning bright.

Thankyou Air for giving us the breeze,

Making us inhale and exhale at ease.

Thankyou Water,

As you never let us bother,

Spotlessly flowing in the rivers,

And reflecting as it quivers.

Thank You doctors, cleaners, soldiers,

Administrators, helpers, others,

We salute you,

For you tremendous job,

Saving the world,

You are the only hope.

Thankyou lockdown

All the fathers are at home 

without being a sunday,

With them Every day is a special day, a fun day.

Thank you work from home,

My husband is working so much,

He feels my sweat of kitchen,

Handles chopping, washing and cleaning,

With all the uhh and ouch.

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou,

For the family time, 

For the singling Rhymes,

For the tender wellness,

For the wonder robustness. 

In the end, 

Nature is saying “Thankyou corona”.

It’s because of you,

We still have happiness in hue,

We have bonded again in all the fuss, 

Keep the togetherness and bliss.

#Stayhome, #Staysafe.