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The Art of Being Positive

The Art of Being Positive

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Tanya Arya

How To


Being positive is not only a thought but also your life. Positive thoughts not only help you overcome your problems but also make the journey of your life easier. We know it’s easier said than done and we don’t know about the problems in your life but a positive thought can make a big difference.

Positive thoughts are very powerful. It can change your life forever.
If you keep thinking of yourself as a failure you will be a failure and if you think of yourself as a winner you will be a winner not immediately but definitely. But remember you have to be realistic, you cannot ignore the problems.

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You have to recognise the problems and find a solution to it.
Reading this or many such articles on positive thinking won’t help you but incorporating the positive thoughts in your life will definitely help you.

Try these:

1. Stop blaming yourself:
Stop blaming yourself for all the problems in your life instead find solutions to the problems with a cool mind and remember we cannot change everything and everybody around us but we can change ourselves.

2. Be confident:
Like a coin has two faces similarly life also has two phases. Your life never remains the same. It changes every day. Today may be dark but remember darkness is always followed by a silver lining.

3. Spread positivity:
It’s very important to be optimistic but it is equally important to spread positivity. Remember the world is like a mirror and it reflects back what you show. So be positive and get positivity in return.

4. Start your day with Thanksgiving:
Never start your day with recalling your problems or the mistakes of the previous day instead start your day with thanksgiving. Thank god for blessing you with a new day, for the opportunity to rectify your mistakes, for completing your unaccomplished tasks -the opportunity that many others did not get. Every new day comes with new opportunities.

5. Believe in yourself:
We cannot choose our parents, we cannot choose the country we are born in, we cannot choose our siblings but positivity is a choice we all can make and we are never too late for it.

Be Positive !