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Poem on Peace

Poem on Peace

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Alka Yadav



Remember the day of Hiroshima's violence,

All over destruction and catastrophic circumstances.

Sadako was the victim of that disruption,

as she was exposed to that perilous radiation.

One day while running in a race,

She fumbled and toppled and realised her case.

Leukemia was the one, against her health,

and could cause her a painful death.

She wanted to fly like a bird who is free,

and wanted to live in harmony.

But because of the disease's curse,

her condition got worse and worse.

In the hope of avoiding the death's pain,

she and her friends made a thousand cranes.

They made the crane again and again,

but all that was in vain.

Because of the curse of that fatal disease,

At twelve her beautiful life ceased.