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When The Earth Shook

When The Earth Shook

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Jiya Aggarwal and Neze Papreja

Short Stories


Lying on the bed I felt, 

The world's biggest disaster was to be met,

But no one was aware of the upcoming threat.

In Japan a tsunami was gradually rising,

Due to which all were striving.

Under the ocean, the earth shook,

All the people and property the tsunami took.

Everyone was running to save their lives,

Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and their wives.

The tectonic plates beneath the ocean crashed,

To everyone's surprise,

Water suddenly splashed

No prediction of the tsunami was Made.

None had the idea,

That they would fade, 

The city soaked in tsunami's shade.

I managed to fly until the rescue came,

But my heart pained, 

To see everyone scream,

With sorrow and tragedy beam.

Nothing was left,

The earth became barren red,

The tsunami, was none less

Than a theft!

 It's been 9 years now, the disaster's causing the same threat,

Or should I say the disease is something no one even in their dreams met.

9 years ago we were punished for our sins,

And 9 years later too, human loses and nature wins.

The tsunami is now biological,

And any hope of escape seems completely magical.

Such is the fury of nature, it will punish one and all,

It won't matter how your status is, deadly poor or heavenly rich and tall.