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Dr.Sulekha Kumari



Here is twenty first century

Life is rat race & everyone, in hurry

No moral, no love, no respect

It’s only I, Me & Myself

Gender equality, rape; still a debate

Jealousy with knife on the back & smile on the face

Religion, caste decide the poll & not thought

No opposition, praise only they sought

Single failure or trigger, they commit suicide

Homicide, molestation, violence is increasing high

No one can raise voice against

Democracy is at risk, but don’t mess

Relationship, commitment at its worst

Immorality at its best & let the morality rest

Child trafficking and their abuse, a luxury

People are seeing & eating their curry

I am the king & I am the dictator

Money wins everywhere, merit a mere spectator

Intolerance is on the rise

Either voice it or become wise 

So, let moral education, a key part in curriculum

May patience, perseverance, joy come in their life & their capitulum.