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You are no less

You are no less

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Anureet Kaur

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Our lives are like clay and we are the potters. They become

how we want them to be.”

Ever given this a thought? Probably not. So today let’s take a break from the daily

hustles of life and give a moment of thought just to ourselves.

Have you ever felt out of place? Well it’s a common trait all of us share, and no

matter how much one seems to be comfortable with changes in environment,

trust me that guy has also been in an out-of-place condition once. But do you

know it’s what you think of yourself. I mean being out of place.

Since how did this ‘place’ officially arrive?

When we start to underestimate ourselves. We need people to build each other

up not the ones throwing dynamite sticks on others like psychopaths.

This underestimation of self is a strong thing. It can break you within a blink of

eye. Take my example for an instance. I am a bit plump, can’t get my legs waxed

like other people in my grade do, eyebrows ‘reshaped’ or anything like that

because I am a Sikh. And believe me at one moment I completely let it break me.

But then I realize that a territory is only annexed if it is beautiful but is ruled by a

weak ruler. So I finally realized that life isn’t going to favor some weak bones. So I

became the one who no one can ever invade. Now, I have a ton of friends and

good ones too. How exactly?

Let me be simple with this, because to become the non-invasive personality

above mentioned you don’t care about these things and miraculously no one

does as well! I just be myself. So you see, if you let people break you, they

succeed. So stand up! Tell those who try to decide how you should live and tell

them right in their faces that you don’t give a damn about it! ( if their decision

leads to your loss.)

In the end I would just like to say dear reader do not forget, “You were born to

give birth to legends.” Be that legendary person you know you are. Be you.