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Swechcha Pruthi



Dear lonely Castle,

Be not afraid of the dark  

For the day shall come  

When the blues fill the skies and not your mind.  


You’ve been sitting in the room  

Dripped in the blood of venom  

Shed by the angels and demons  

That won’t let you sleep…  


But be not afraid of the screams  

For someone must be sacrificed  

For you to be alive  

For how long can you just survive?  


Don’t build a high fence  

To your already fortified heart  

It must be shattered into pieces  

Before it learns to fly!!!  


Be not afraid to be broken  

For the Castle you are  

Has no windows that could  

Lend you some light and air to breathe!  



Brick by Brick, it will ache  

But that is what will set you free  

The soul that lost its fire  

Will ignite with perpetual fantasy.  


Be not deceived  

For God is just a lie  

Or maybe he has died  

In this world full of cries.  


But you my dear,  

Are still alive  

And you must make it  

Through the time of dire.  


They know you well  

But they don’t understand you  

Don’t take the cock and bull stories  

They try feeding you  


Whence you come from  

Was never your choice  

Whence you go  

You Decide!