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Trees, trees and trees

Because of you we get water and cool breeze

So many other things, we get from you

From bright red cherries to wild berries which are blue

All the different things you give us

We make something out of them like a car and a bus

Even if you are young or old, but you, yourself

Save us from the thunderball

From apples to cherries and red scarlet berries

And all the other things you gave but still,

We didn’t make you so safe

Oh, my friends,

We will never leave you to an end

Trees, trees, trees

Do not leave us because

You are home to some animals and lot of honey bees

With our last tear, we fear

But we promise and we swear, we will protect you anyhow, anytime and anywhere

Trees, trees, trees,

Because of you we get water and cool breeze.