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Above all is Peace

Above all is Peace

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Neelam Sandha

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The holy plan of nature works on the theme of peace. All of us are natural beings and nature is made to work in peace and harmony but with time, man has learnt to rule and invade others by disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of nature. Human beings who were the supreme creation of nature are responsible for bringing violence, aggressiveness and agitation in this world.

The world is in a mad race to conquer each other. More space, facilities and comforts are the only aim of life. The development and progress are measured with a number of materialistic things but all this is achieved at the cost of making sacrifices for peace . The world has been divided into communities on the basis of caste, creed and races. Racism has touched the peak of discrimination. People are killing each other in the name of communalism. In spite of bringing mutual understanding and brotherhood, the world is inclined to have blood shed under the face of terrorism. There is a fight for rights but there is no obligation towards duties to protect the world. The only weapon to save mankind on the earth is peace which can be searched within us by introspection,meditation or the paths adopted by us and these should be rejudged and re-exploited. Various social evils have raised their heads like poverty, corruption and communal disharmony which are resulting in the end of natural instincts and emotions of life.

Life is all dependent on gadgets, devices and machines. Once the machines were discovered for man but now the man is for machines. We find ourselves incomplete without these machines. The rush of technology has spread from earth to space and we have left no place to stand and stare. Our work should be a tribute to bring peace so all of us can be better persons and make the world a better place. Unfortunately the violence has conquered wisdom and the existence of peace is considered only the realism of human imagination. All over the world many places are continuously sustaining the threat of terrorism. The people are living in fear and struggle to bend their enormous desires to achieve education, self reliance and a peaceful atmosphere. The innocent people are getting killed in the name of social evils and are stretching their hands to come out of these trials and tribulations. The need of the hour is to bring back the ideology of Gandhi, the approach of Nelson Mandela and the selfless services of Mother Teresa. The youth has to come out of the crowd and change his line of expensive clothes, attractive luxuries to peace and harmony to remove the remorse and desolation which are veiling mankind.

This is the time when we are facing many difficulties in life. The deteriorating environmental conditions, the extinction of many species, the water reservoirs getting contaminated and the depleting natural sources . Life is in need of correct and practical solutions. Different options have been tried at different places in the name of progress of mankind, communal harmony and peace oriented globalization but all in vain . A hope to bring peace by joining hands and working together to save the planet earth, the life and culture can initiate some result and delight. The efforts to reach every heart, to make the people think on ideology " live and let the others live" can only be the source of peaceful life. Human history shows that the individualistic and egocentric personality of rulers had always brought destruction on this earth. Even today the history is seeming to get repeated where the same self centered leaders are ready to bring the same doctrines but the youth is inclined to work meticulously, diligently and intelligently to lay down the tough principles to follow and practice to save mankind and to bring peace and harmony. In this age when globalization has firmly fixed its roots and is spreading far and wide, the administration is centralized in few strong hands, it is for all and not only for the benefit of those living under such difficult situations to work in the direction of peace.

The higher the ambition the greater must be the efforts to fulfill it. The teachings at universities and institutions are now laying adequate stress on the principles, theories, doctrines, observations and practical approach to bring a peaceful atmosphere in this world. The teachers, businessmen, executives, officers, statesmen and politicians need to correct the understanding , timely implementation of plans and desired success in this respective field, so let us start, wake-up and move ahead with priceless efforts to bring peace, inner strength of confidence, determination - neither doing wrong nor working for selfish personal gains. Proper education to all should openly be declared courageously to work on the principles of human welfare and universal peace,it is required to be thought upon and worked upon by disciplined and dedicated students, wise and commanding teachers, prolific and honest writers. The humanity which is grabbed, eaten up and finished by human beings is dominated by few but can achieve relief from these systems only by us. It is very rightly said that if you want to change the fruits, you have to change the roots.