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Vijay Markandewar

Young adult fiction


He believes that the existence of the human race and whole life as such seems to be facing the game of being threatened by their own activities. He observes that, over the centuries various inventions and medicinal advancements contributed to an increase in the life expectancy of the human beings and hence, population equations changed drastically, taking even lesser time for multiplying population! In 1650 the global population was 500 million, which doubled to 1000 million in 1850. By 2000 it was around 7000 million, which shows that in just 150 years it showed a seven-fold rise. He calls it 'the population explosion'!

Mr. Vijay Markandewar is a retired teacher who started working as a Science teacher in 1971 at the age of 24. Having a fervor for military forces, he took the opportunity to give an interview for the post of NCC Officer in School, where he got selected and even promoted to a High School teacher. Mr. Markandewar later joined Sainik school as a Principal and went on with his expertise. His passion to work did not halt even after retirement, as he took it as an opportunity to go beyond the limits. One such endeavor was to take up a noble initiative of counseling young students regarding behavioral change towards environmental concerns.

On a Pulsar motorcycle, along with ex-student Shailesh Zade, who is presently principal at Mount Science Junior college, this 62 years (young) retired teacher took upon a journey in 2009, which was one of its own kind. With a set of presentations including one from WWF for nature, another from National Geographic magazine, but recorded on his own handy-cam and a third one personally made by visiting the forests of the area, they visited around 30 Schools and colleges of Vidarbha and Nanded region. The unplanned tour continued for 11 days and completed with utmost success.

Mr. Markandewar details that in 2009, Maldives government made a noticeable appeal for climate change action by organizing the first underwater cabinet meeting ever. It was a call on the World leaders to save them from sinking due to rise in sea level in the view of Global warming. He said, "somehow as a retired teacher, I responded to my inner feeling to work for awareness among school children of my state and country." And since then, he took upon himself the social responsibility of creating understanding among young students about environmental degradation which can only be reversed with a change in our attitude towards environmental issues. The major focus was on the following issues:

1. Avoiding overuse and exploitation of natural resources.

2. Diminished use of power and fuel.

3. Promoting tree plantation.

4. Behavioral changes that contribute to preservation

5. Reversing the greenhouse effect and its consequences.

Mr. Markandewar strongly believes that "Scientists and the world will work out their way but Schools can contribute in reversing the day they take it to their mind and heart, only to safeguard their future ." Starting from SOS Dattaji Meghe School at Chandrapur and covering 30 schools in 11 days, the journey then extended further to Mahila Mahavidyalaya Bengaluru, Karnataka, a Batch of RFOs from Assam at Chandrapur, and 2 Schools in Himachal Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh too.

Being optimistic, Mr. Markandewar says that, for his commitment to the noble cause and the betterment of the future generations, "We will keep the awareness program alive to the possible stage of age". He's enthusiastic and believes in making a positive impact on the society as he now continues his noble initiatives as a soft-skills Master Trainer.