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If I had an alligator as a pet …

If I had an alligator as a pet …

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Arohi Rayal

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If I had an alligator as my pet it would definitely be a crazy experience. Firstly, when I know that the state law prohibits any individual from owning any dangerous animal except for those kept in the zoo, research lab, veterinary hospital,etc, I think I will have to hide my pet from the world and keep it at a hidden place where no one is able to see it, which is completely impossible because I am very bad at hiding even a small secret from any one, I don’t think I will be able to do so.

But still,If I have one I will name it as crocky!!!!!! I will have to take special care to keep it healthy in and out.  Firstly, I will have to brush his teeth to keep his smile a beautiful one so that I feel good looking at him. I can make a paste of baking soda and colgate for this purpose. For giving bath I will have to use the cloth brush for rubbing his hard body. I will have to wash only its body, not face because if water gets into his eyes it will lose faith in me.

 I will have to have a water pool for it which must be  4 times bigger in size and  that too of steel or hard plastic otherwise the alligator can spoil it by hitting it with its tail. I will have to give rats, fish, snakes etc for feeding it.( I can imagine myself catching mice, fishes etc. for it).