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Student’s Life - How Extra-Curricular Activities and Hobbies Make a Difference?

Student’s Life - How Extra-Curricular Activities and Hobbies Make a Difference?

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Rajshree Konjengbam

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Extra-curricular activities and hobbies are important parts of a student’s life. Extra-curricular activities include games and sports, literary activities and programs at school such as football, basketball, cricket, recitation, singing, dancing, debate, essay, etc. Sports and games help in improving the health and well-being of the student. Some students become great sportsperson later in life. Sports in school help them while developing their passion for it. And other students may become future leaders, famous personalities if they are trained in various literary activities since school.

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Hobbies are important parts of a student’s daily routine. Some common hobbies are reading story books, novel, painting, writing, gardening, cleaning the house in leisure time, cooking favorite dishes, etc. Nowadays, people are very busy and do not have much time for hobbies. Even the children do not have time. Children wake up, go to tuition, then to school. After school, they go to tuition again and after returning from tuition they study, followed by dinner. After dinner they probably study for a while and go to bed. Like this children do not have time for hobbies. But they should take out some time so that they can play, sing, dance, read, do gardening and so on. These hobbies will increase their skills and talents which are very important for everyone.

It is clear that extra-curricular activities and hobbies are important to a student’s life. It gives us many essential skills in our lives. Participating in co-curricular activities is necessary to achieve many goals. Having a hobby is also good as it gives us more interest in whatever work we are going to do. Even if we are busy we should have hobbies and participate in co-curricular activities. It will make us healthy, talented and successful.