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The Circle of My Circumstances

The Circle of My Circumstances

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Jiya Aggarwal and Neze Papreja

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Life is a package of emotions. At every stage of your life you will have different options to choose among and you will be forced to choose one. It may be very confusing but one has to make her choices in order to move ahead. So guys it is obvious that as a teenager I have also faced this situation. I will recommend that you be firm and face the situation with all your determination. Just pull yourself together, must up your courage and just relax. 

The life drove me into a situation,

Which made me a totally confused person.

Everything just survived in my brain,

Even that garbage, which should be taken away by the crane.

Either love or leisure,

Either leisure or future.

All seemed to be amusing,

But choosing one wasn’t interesting.

My heart chose love,

Brain chose future,

Destiny chooses leisure.

Everything chose something,

But my faith, it chose nothing.

Thank god, I was not terrified,

Otherwise the equation would have remained unbalanced.

Besieged by greed of pleasure,

I preferred the future.

I didn’t owe an explanation of my choice.

Without any worries,

Oh sorry, with all the worries,

I moved ahead,

And tried to relax.