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What’s Your Opinion?

What’s Your Opinion?

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Jiya Aggarwal and Neze Papreja

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When I saw my friends in relationships, these questions jumped into my mind. I could not answer these questions and so I thought that I should ask some people about these questions. The best way I could think of is putting all my questions on a piece on paper and then posting it on my blog. And so did I!

What’s your opinion?

Is it the girl who likes to play?

Or it is the guy who treats her like a clay.

Is he the one who try to mould her,

Or she is the one who is a cheater.

Will ego be a matter?

Or concern will be the solution.

Is it the god who is responsible?

For they aren’t compatible and amiable.

Is it a joke or a sensitive relation?

If a joke, then it isn’t a matter of concern.

If a relation,

There shouldn’t be any question.

Will it always remain a ruckus?

Or apology will stop it from being a circus.

Let us keep it upon them,

They will deal on their own.

Maybe they didn’t realise that it is the only care,

Which they haven’t shown.

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